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Do you want to achieve monumental success? Are you ready to break through your cognitive ceiling? Aileda has been instrumental in helping businesses and individuals in countless industries to break through the limitations to achieve their goals!



My mission is to motivate, inspire, and lead the masses to overcome their challenges and obstacles. It is to facilitate growth, and expansion on a whole. Everyone can surpass the perceived limitations that they believe exist and break through their cognitive ceilings both personally and professionally. I inspire excellence, and motivate greatness in teams and individuals. It is my passion, my gift, and my purpose in life!



Email support

Coaching advice right in your inbox, text, or via marco polo app to help keep you on track. 

1:1 Coaching and Consulting

Webinar meetings and/or in-person coaching and consulting work will be done with the human touch.

Planning and Strategy

Coaching strategies to break through cognitive ceilings and barriers, things stopping you or your organization from creating your success. 


Personal Development

Smash through your cognitive ceilings and limitations with a tailored program unique for you!

Although each coaching program is tailored to meet an individual’s unique development needs, you can expect some or all of the following elements in a program designed for you:


  • Individual assessment testing optional
  • Increased focus
  • Breaking through cognitive ceilings, limitations
  • Motivation and Drive
  • Accountability
  • Goals obtained and achieved
  • Face to face coaching


Aileda is simply the best! We hired Aileda in February 2020 to “sharpen the saw” when things were going well. What began as a normal coaching relationship quickly became a business critical partnership in the middle of the COVID-19 situation. Aileda’s mindset coaching was instrumental to us navigating these changing times and was a key factor in our record setting June 2020. We are thrilled to have Aileda on our team, and look forward to a long partnership.

Jeff Henrickson

President, Spotlight, Inc

Aileda Lindal has Diversified my Life, expanded my Consciousness and redirected my Career! Working with Aileda has propelled me into my next chapter. Plan it, Drive it, Do it! Is completely customized for your professional and personal goals. The harder you work, the more results you see. We are all coachable at any age… at any time… if we have the right coach.
If you are looking to create and expand teams, increase sales, change careers, make more money, live life to your fullest potential, and attract “likeminded people” make time for yourself, then schedule time with Aileda. ~ Plan it, Drive it, Do it!
Monica DeBoer

National Sales Manager

In working with Aileda, I found her to be very professional and a solid performer. In helping to train our branch employees on credit card features and benefits, Aileda very quickly schooled herself on our products and became a subject matter expert. Aileda then utilized her special personable approach to training that helped our employees learn the subject matter faster, easier and in a fun manner. Aileda would be an asset and add value to any organization that she works for.

Kevin Penders

Vice President, U.S. Bank

Plan it, Drive it, do it!

Service Packages

corporate consulting

Corporate Cognitive Training Built Exactly To Your Needs

Companies request coaching and consulting to address a variety of challenges that will help them break the barrier of their cognitive glass ceilings including a desire to:


  • Planning and Strategy
  • Sales Growth
  • Leadership Dynamics
  • Executive, Team, and Management Development
  • Assessment Testing optional
  • Increased Communication
  • Breaking through Cognitive Ceilings, limitations
  • Increased employee retention


Channel your inner Olympian in Business and Life by working with a great coach!

Great coaches will push you beyond what you perceive your limits to be. They will expand your mind and your understanding of most things. They will also do this in a manner that motivates and inspires you to reach your greatest potential.


Monday – Friday

8am -5pm EST