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I have always been a natural born leader and inspirer from the time that I was young. Hence my nickname “Leads”. I practice what I preach. I lead by example.

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Aileda Lindal is an experienced business strategist & team development sales leader. She has coached individuals to reach new levels of achievement personally & professionally, while consulting businesses in their long-term goals.

Hello I’m LEADS…

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Throughout my career I’ve helped many just like you challenge their limitations. From leaders in America’s Fortune 100’s, individuals experiencing divorce and overcoming obstacles, to offering business opinions at the Whitehouse.

I guarantee that somewhere now—in your life, your relationships, or your organization—there are invisible obstacles that are limiting your true potential. Imagine what your success could look like if you could take these head on and finally overcome the challenges that have been dogging you for years. Break out of your existing mindset and move your life, your team or your organization to a new level.

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Ask a LEADER… I’ve Inspired Hundreds of people!

We all face plateaus, personally and professionally. Life is full of moments where old solutions stop providing answers to new problems. The question is not if, but when…when you reach an invisible ceiling, will you settle on a life of limitation, or will you dig deeper and find the answers required to smash through to greater potential?

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Corporate Consulting

This is for businesses that want to take action and help develop their executives to their highest potential.

Personal Development

This is for individuals seeking to push through their limitations, barriers and achieve their goals.


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Aileda is a true leader and strategic thinker. In our time working together, despite a very challenging environment, she was able to identify new opportunities, develop teams and implement sales strategies. Her energy and enthusiasm motivates those around her and she has the passion to deliver great results. I cannot say enough about how wonderful she is to work with.

Matt Hurley

Hard Money Lender, Financial Sales Professional, Mortgagetech, MBA

Aileda Lindal has Diversified my Life, expanded my Consciousness and redirected my Career! Working with Aileda has propelled me into my next chapter. Plan it, Drive it, Do it! Is completely customized for your professional and personal goals. The harder you work, the more results you see. We are all coachable at any age… at any time… if we have the right coach. 
If you are looking to create and expand teams, increase sales, change careers, make more money, live life to your fullest potential, and attract “likeminded people” make time for yourself, then schedule time with Aileda. ~ Plan it, Drive it, Do it! 
Monica Deboer

National Sales Manager

In working with Aileda, I found her to be very professional and a solid performer. In helping to train our branch employees on credit card features and benefits, Aileda very quickly schooled herself on our products and became a subject matter expert. Aileda then utilized her special personable approach to training that helped our employees learn the subject matter easier and in a fun manner. Aileda would be an asset and add value to any company that she worked for..

Kevin Penders

Vice President, U.S. Bank