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Corporate Consulting

My Purpose

  • I lead from a place of experience and wisdom.
  • I lead by example.
  • I lead individuals and executives to the pinnacle of their accomplishments and I take teams to their highest levels of achievement.
  • I cultivate people, and bring them together, inspiring them to push through their cognitive ceilings, and limitations, arriving at a whole new level of success!
  • I am the pioneer of my own life and I will continue to keep that spirit with me reflecting it in everything that I do.

My passion, my purpose, and my greatest gift is the ability to inspire, motivate, and challenge others to strive for their personal and professional Olympic Gold! It is the most amazing feeling when I see the transition via performance and goals obtained. The moment when people reach their peak, the pride they illuminate and knowing one of their greatest accomplishments and goals will have been achieved. When that peak has arrived, my job is complete. I love the thrill of assisting the masses to smash through their perceived limits to reach new highs that otherwise would not be accomplished.

Featured Services

Email support

Coaching advice right in your inbox, text, or via marco polo app to help keep you on track. 

1:1 Consulting

Webinar meetings and/or in-person coaching and consulting work will be done with the human touch.

STRATEGIES, Sales & growth

Breaking through cognitive ceilings and barriers, things stopping your organization from being successful.


Trusted by Top Companies Around the Globe


I worked with Aileda in a consulting and training capacity. She is outstanding at training sales, giving presentations, helping teams to over come their obstacles, and motivating others to drive towards overall success! The results achieved surpassed that which the client had originally requested. I highly recommend her!
Kyle Wass, PMP

Senior Project Leader, MetLife

Aileda Lindal has Diversified my Life, expanded my Consciousness and redirected my Career! Working with Aileda has propelled me into my next chapter. Plan it, Drive it, Do it! Is completely customized for your professional and personal goals. The harder you work, the more results you see. We are all coachable at any age… at any time… if we have the right coach.
If you are looking to create and expand teams, increase sales, change careers, make more money, live life to your fullest potential, and attract “likeminded people” make time for yourself, then schedule time with Aileda. ~ Plan it, Drive it, Do it! Monica DeBoer
Monica DeBoer

National Sales Manager

In working with Aileda, I found her to be very professional and a solid performer. In helping to train our branch employees on credit card features and benefits, Aileda very quickly schooled herself on our products and became a subject matter expert. Aileda then utilized her special personable approach to training that helped our employees learn the subject matter easier and in a fun manner. Aileda would be an asset and add value to any company that she worked for.
Kevin Penders

Vice President, U.S. Bank

corporate consulting

Corporate Cognitive Training Built Exactly To Your Needs

Companies request coaching and consulting to address a variety of challenges to help them break the barrier of their cognitive glass ceilings including:


  • Planning and Strategy
  • Sales Growth
  • Leadership Dynamics
  • Executive, Team, and Management Development
  • Assessment Testing
  • Increased Communication
  • Breaking through Cognitive Ceilings, limitations
  • Increased Employee Retention

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