Personal Development Coaching

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Personal Development Coaching

Personal development programs will be uniquely designed to meet each individual’s needs. There are no two people that are the same. I embrace that uniqueness and therefore know that methodologies for personal and business simply are not effective for true cognitive breakthroughs that will be life-changing.

Weekly, or Bi-weekly, one on one coaching sessions are customized to your needs and wants. The coaching sessions are either in person or via webinar meetings pending location and availability. At the end of each meeting, you will have protocol or strategies to implement in your life. Things that will take you to new highs and aide you with busting through your cognitive ceiling. You will be held accountable for the program with high expectations during each meeting. You will see, feel, and know your progress following each session.


Face-to-face coaching, follow up between meetings consisting of email, text, or marco polo app communications pending the clients preferences.


Follow up and follow through

Accountability eliminating all excuses and keeping you focused on busting through your cognitive limitations to becoming your greatest and highest achieving self will be obtained.


Cognitive ceiling progress reports following each meeting.


Push through your cognitive ceiling


Plan it!

In this phase you will plan and forecast your goals, set timelines, and accountability components!



Drive it!

Now, the next step is to drive things further and push through your cognitive ceiling. We identify perceived limitations and break barriers to achieve goals!

Do it!

In this phase action takes place! This is where you begin to break through limitations, and obtain what once seemed impossible! Your goals become reality!


Personal Development

Smash through your cognitive ceilings and limitations with a tailored program unique for you!

Although each coaching program is tailored to meet an individual’s unique development needs, you can expect some or all of the following elements in a program designed for you:


  • Individual assessment testing (optional)
  • Increased focus
  • Breaking through cognitive ceilings, limitations
  • Motivation and Drive
  • Accountability
  • Goals obtained and achieved
  • Face to face coaching

Online Coaching

Need coaching in your Career? No Problem. Need coaching in your personal life? I will get you where you want to be and further!

Coaching Online

Get the motivation, guidance, and support you need to create your ideal life.

Live Talks

I am a real live person that is here to help you plan your goals, and drive them home.


I send you inspiration through different applications.


Aileda is a true leader and strategic thinker. In our time working together, despite a very challenging environment, she was able to identify new opportunities, develop teams and implement sales strategies. Her energy and enthusiasm motivates those around her and she has the passion to deliver great results. I cannot say enough about how wonderful she is to work with.
Matt Hurley

Hard Money Lender, Financial Sales Professional, Mortgagetech, MBA

Aileda Lindal has Diversified my Life, expanded my Consciousness and redirected my Career! Working with Aileda has propelled me into my next chapter. Plan it, Drive it, Do it! Is completely customized for your professional and personal goals. The harder you work, the more results you see. We are all coachable at any age… at any time… if we have the right coach.
If you are looking to create and expand teams, increase sales, change careers, make more money, live life to your fullest potential, and attract “likeminded people” make time for yourself, then schedule time with Aileda. ~ Plan it, Drive it, Do it! Monica DeBoer
Monica DeBoer

National Sales Manager

Aileda has that rare combination of talent that includes not only a natural skill for achieving top level sales driven results but also the ability to train and develop those skills in others.
She is a true leader who motivates others to strive for both common goals and individual success!
Darrel Vail

Operations Manager , Beyond Campus Innovations

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